Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wow. . .shiny new guttering for all this rain.

When we rescued the greenhouse the one part that was not really salvagable was the cast iron guttering - some bits had snapped, others had rusted through - so we always knew that we would have to buy replacements.
Once the greenhouse had begun to go back together so well it was obvious that plastic guttering was not going to be an option. We bit the financial bullet and ordered copper.
Well it is fantastic - the box of bits that arrived last week looked like sculpture and today Euan
began to put it up.
I am smitten - I want it right round the house now!
The firm that provides this high class bling is


The County Clerk said...


It verdigris so nicely too.

carolyn said...

Oh my goodness I am soo jealous, we have horrid grey plastic, this looks wonderful and will age ao beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. You should show us a snap of the greenhouse too so we can all express a little internet envy.

Jane said...

The greenhouse is due to be finished by 7th December (when it becomes a temporary Christmas Shop open on Fridays) - at the moment it is suffering from being a work in progress and the detritus that state seems to attract - empty compost bags, nails, bit of wood, tools and 2 standard eleagnus which I bought to flank the door but which fell over and were eaten by deer.
Today I went to the florist sundries shop bought their replacements - 2 very jolly cones of holly.
I will post more photos of the greenhouse when I have tidied up. I want to maximise that internet envy!