Thursday, November 16, 2006

I do LOVE my glue gun

Sewing up spice bags, stockings and doorstops this morning I was pondering about what to do about the Ashfield Christmas Fair . The Fair is next Sunday - the 26th November - and the ethos is very definately a CRAFT Fair. This will mean that I can't really take my 'bought in' tin christmas decorations, lovely as they are. I had intended to take my chilli hearts but I have sold out and, anyway, I was beginning to think that they were a bit mainstreamy.

Then suddenly I thought of the box of substandard hydrangea blooms left over from making the big hydrangea wreaths.

I get my hydrangeas from my parents garden - a large Edwardian garden in East Lothian which is well stocked with shrubs. Eventually our shrubs will grow big enough for picking but in the meantime my mother very kindly cuts all the heads off her hydrangeas and dries them for my over her Aga.

Most of them are beautiful but some are marred by odd florets which shrivel as they dry or brown patches where they have been rained on.

Sally and I put these into a seperate box when we were wiring the hydrangea heads with the intention of using them "for something".

Well, I suddenly thought, I could glue them onto hearts made of galvanised wire - so this lunchtime I have been snipping the flowers off and glueing them on. It is fiddly quite time consuming work but I think that they are beautiful in a faded patina way. I think that they would look beautiful with both that Nordic whitewash look and with the girlie lace and silver of a proper boudoir.

The only downside is they they are very fragile to transport.

What do you think? Is this worth continuing with?


Laura said...

You know they are gorgeous, so you will just have to work out how to transport them!! And like other wreaths you do, they are an all year thing, especially being heart shaped.


Heather said...

I like these - they are understated and quite classy - not garish or overly christmassy - very nice.

What do your spice bags do? I'm assuming they are for drawers or wardrobes.
what do they look like?
and how much are they?


Jane said...

Heather the spice bags are really just a Christmassy version of my lavender bags.
They are smallish, squarish sachets - about 4 - 5" I suppose - filled with a mixture of wheat with spices.
The smell is very Christmassy and the idea is that they can be placed near a radiator, or even just in a room, to make the house smell warm and Christmassy.
They are sold as a bundle of 3 for £9.95.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your good luck wishes, they are much need. Will take pics and post them up if all goes well. Your hydrangea hearts are lovely, i like them because your using up what you've got and they are that bit different from rosebud hearts (which I also love) Hopefully you will be able to transport them carefully. I know the flowers are dried but would using bubble wrap stop them from getting damaged? Hopefully that wouldn't add moisture to them? I'm just guessing here. Not got a great knowledge on flowers although I'm learning. love flower arranging just don't know the technicalities!

Charlotte x

carolyn said...

v. pretty, but I think they might need boxing to protect them.