Monday, October 16, 2006

Pottering about - last chance

A week or so of rain is forcast from tomorrow so I did a bit of a potter around the garden this evening harvesting another barrow of sage to dry for wreaths and collecting up all the interesting bits and bobs which can be added into the pot pourri.
The herbs and flowers have been collected and dried gradually over the year and have been mellowing with some ground orris root for the past few weeks but they always need a bit of "crunch" mixed in with them at the last minute - something to stand out among all the small petals.
It was a lovely job - very akin to the image people have of me drifting around with secateurs and a trug . The sun was beginning to set, the geese barked their way home overhead and the pheasants in the field honked and blustered every time I went near the fence.

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