Sunday, October 15, 2006

Highlights of London

We had a fantastic time in London - great food, lovely weather and I managed to fit in a couple of flowery trips in between the museums and historic buildings.
This is a photo of Appley Hoare Exterieur, a flower and garden bits shop attached to the antique shop Appley Hoare in Pimlico Road, Chelsea. The shop is a beautiful extension to the antique shop - both are filled with the kind of shabby metal and wooden furniture which has built up a patina of rough paint and lichen. The type of thing that looks like it has been found in a French Chateau sale.
However, while there is no way that I can afford to buy the beautiful garden benches or tables, the flower shop has bits and bobs which are perfectly affordable - zinc pots, baskets, bulbs and trugs. The day I was there it had the first of the tender narcissi - a beautiful pale lemon - for £2 a bunch.


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
Sounds like you had a fab time in London, that shop looks gorgeous, it's just too easy to end up spending a fortune in places like that isn't it - so much better if you can just come aay with lots of ideas!! I'm busy getting ready for the Travelling Souk, they're tomorrow and Tuesday, maybe see you at the souk in Kilbryde Castle on Tuesday?

Lisa x

Jane said...

Lisa - I shall try to get up on Tuesday do you know who else is exhibiting?
London was great - I'm glad to be back though, my ears are ringing with the silence here and it all seems so fresh and clean!
I am just back from a boozy lunch with neighbours, it was meant to be 12 o'clock drinks and nibbles but 7 hours later I think we have probably eaten all their week's food.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
There's a list of the other stall holders on the website , look under Thriepley House though as the details for Kilbryde are wrong! I think there should be about 35 of us in total. I'm hoping it'll be a good day, maybe a possibility for you next year? Off to get on with more sewing!