Friday, September 29, 2006

End of season

Suddenly we are at the end of the cut flower season and into the build up for Christmas. I can always tell when it is about to happen as I start to play hooky from the flower-van. This morning it was left with an honesty box while I went up to set up a stall at Rona Chollerton's coffee morning raising money for McMillan nurses and next week the same will happen as I am off to see the school harvest festival service.
The weather is awful and it is becoming a chore to pick out the lovely flowers from amongst the rain damaged ones. Subscriptions will run for 1 more week and I am still able to arrange gift deliveries.
The first official Christmas Fair is tomorrow at the McLintock Halls in Balfron - I will be there with what remains of the tulip bulbs (goodness they were popular!) and gift type things like the washable linen garden kneeler pictured above, glass cloches, children's watering cans, etc. etc.

I have been reading round blogs for the past 1/2 hour or so and found a piece about the firms that take orders while pretending to be a local florist Amy has written a book called Flower Confidential which I am keen to get when it comes out. It is an investigation into the cut flower world, where flowers come from, how they are treated, how the markets work etc.

Now I am off to package up tulips for tomorros's fair.

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UKBob said...

I hope the fair went well for you.