Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Introducing Comet - or is it Winn Dixie ?

One day earlier than forecast (or possibly 2 as Peblo looked very shifty when I checked her yesterday) this little chick is the sole hatchee from our clutch of eggs.
Peblo vailiantly sat on the rest all today but has now given up and buried them in the sawdust like a penny fair brantub.
One out of eight is not exactly a great result - but then again, at least we won't have the problem of too many cockerells - this one gets to stay no matter what he/she/it turns out to be.
The girls have decided that it will be called Comet or Winn Dixie depending on the gender (I'm not sure which is meant to be male, which female). I'm not even sure what type of hen he/she is. It is very exciting. I quite fancy a Welsummer cockerell called Winn Dixie.


Heather said...

Ahh thats cute.

this is territory I'd be happy to wander into.

Any reason you think that you only got the one - is that usual. I'm a bit of a duffer when it comes to hens and chicks.

Our nearest neighbour keeps hens at the bottom of their garden (which backs on to our front sort of) So we can see them - and they escape often. When time allows I thought of having a chat with her about some tips for the future.


Jane said...

Last year we got 5 from 8 eggs -I don't now what went wrong this year - another egg began to hatch on Wednesday but the chicken wasn't strong enough to peck its way out - I helped a bit but it still died.
I suspect that if I had been there at the right time and had transferred the egg to an incubator that we might have saved it - perhaps not.