Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dahlia bunch

The black dahlias "Chat Noir" and "Rip City" have been the most productive so far this year. I like them as they lent themselves to both bright bouquets, toning down the oranges and pinks, and to monochrome bouquets like this bouquet of white scented phlox, applemint and bicolour snapdragons.
I really must get myself set up to taking better photographs, rather than just plonking bouquets on the deck by the van and snapping them before rushing off to deliver.
I now always take a photo of bouquets as last month I got a complaint - in all my time of doing flowers I have only had 2 complaints so it was a bit of a shock. A man had ordered a bouquet for his wife and she later phoned to say that the flowers had been dead when she got them and that she wanted her money back. I think that she had perhaps assumed that I was a bigger outfit than I am and that I wouldn't have known what the flowers were like that she received. However I had made them up and delivered them - a large bunch of fennel, dark pink and green gladioli, alstromeria and eupatorium. I know that they were not dead and the flowers are all robust varieties that would take some killing!. Unfortunately I hadn't taken a record snap, so I just had to apologise and refund her husband (not her) his money.

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