Friday, June 02, 2006

Vintage pots

My mother is an antique dealer and I grew up surrounded by boxes of beautiful old china and textiles. It is probably natural that I love things that have a bit of history and a patina to them - the first antique that I bought was a silver and glass powder bowl which had a massive dent in the lid as though someone had sat on it, I still have it and it is one of those proverbial things that I would try to save from a burning house.
I recently found these old metal pots - originally used to collect sap from birch trees - and have flattened out the rounded bases and added drainage holes to make them into flower pots. They have a fantastic patina - from decades of being outside. They are c. 8 by 9 cm. and would fit small plants - in the photo I have planted them up with the viola "green goddess" - they would also be great with herbs. I have them for sale at the van both planted up and empty.

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