Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sunshine slacker!

I can't believe that it is too hot to work! I made the mistake of putting on my own sunscreen yesterday - my arms are obviously shorter that I thought and I have lovely red stripe across my back.
Today I have been pootling about in full slacker mode - this morning I put in a few rows of seedlings into the beds that used to have tulips in them (the tulips move every year to help prevent fungal disease) and then did my local subscription deliveries stopping off to get my hair cut, and came home to lie in my new (birthday) hammock and read the paper.
My argument is that I'll start work again when it is cooler this evening . . . .but then again, our new kitten arrives tonight.
I am cooking pork chops for tea tonight - I mention this as the pork is quite the best I've ever tasted - it is from Peter and Liz Candy's farm/smallholding at Easter Ballat, Balfron Station. The animals are organically reared in very small numbers and then slaughtered locally. We had a whole shoulder when friends came round the other week and it was fantastic. It was such a large joint that I had expected to be living on cold roast pork for the rest of the week but everyone had third helpings and it did us Monday night!
You can contact the Candys on 01360 440 480.

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