Tuesday, June 06, 2006

sun and sweet peas

With this hot weather the sweet peas have been romping away - the interesting thing is that the different colours have begun their flowering at different times - all the sweetpeas were sown at the same time but the "painted lady" plants have been blooming for 3 weeks, while the rest of the pinks began last week followed by the creams - most of the blues are still in tight bud.

The scent as you pass the sweet pea beds is swoony. I remember reading a Monty Don article somewhere where he talked about a sweet pea tunnel he had made. He had put different varieties of sweet pea along its length and felt that it was unsatisfactory as the different strengths of scent felt like passing in and out of a radio signal.
We don't have that problem here, partly I suspect as all of the different varieties I grow have a strong scent (is there any point to a sweet pea without scent?, the flowers a pretty but hardly show stopping), though some such as painted lady are stronger than others. The other factor is that we always have at least a breeze, more typically a wind, blowing up from the Glen. I moan about this in the winter when this blows over tripods and warps the hedges but in the summer it keeps the midges away and wafts sweet pea perfume all over the garden - who could ask for more?

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