Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Snakeshead fritillary seeds

These handsome seedheads are from the snakeshead fritillaries - 18" tall in a maroony buff colour, I may yet use some of them in arrangements.
The others I will leave to ripen and sow the seeds - last year I left them to self sow and this year there were masses of babies but I think the ground will get overcrowded if I do that again so I shall sow them somewhere else. I am not sure how many years they take to get to flowering size.
There are a lot of seeds in each seedhead - they are flat discs and are stacked on top of each other in each of the lobes - and I shall have far too many for my own use. If anyone would like to have some let me know - I think that they ripen in July.
I am going to scarify a piece of damp grass to expose the soil and then sow some there in the hope of getting a meadow effect. I shall have to chose an area where the grass isn't too lush so that the babies stand a chance.

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Debra said...

Hi there, I came across your blog when searching for Snakeshead fritillary. How easy are they to grow from seed? I am creating a wild flower meadow at the back of my garden and would love to let some establish there.. :)
My names debra, can be contacted on or google