Thursday, June 22, 2006


The first roses on the house wall have begun to bloom - and we are about to go on holiday. I haven't a clue what the rose is, it is a climber, single flowering, with a lovely clear fresh rosey scent.
I don't grow many roses here as they struggle in the rain and I don't have time to pander to plants that are struggling. I do grow some iceberg roses as they moved with me from our old house and, as they flower all season, they are useful for buttonholes and the like and I have rambling roses growing up the hawthorn trees on the boundary. Sometimes I will don gloves and climb up to cut swags of bloom for weddings.
I have been reading a very interesting weblog by Heather of Eie Flud perfumes (who comments on my posts and makes me feel that there is someone out there in the ether!) which is about the development of her new rose perfume. I do love getting the feel of the how specialists think through their subject, the nuances and vast range of possibilities they consider, where for me it would be a much blander one dimensional process.
It was the same when we had the photographer Andrew Montgomery here for the Country Living article - I go outside, I find a likely looking flower, I point and press - he spent 2 days here, painstakingly lighting scenes, contorting me into the most flattering poses (feet, legs and hips to the side, body and shoulders to the front) and arranging the dining room chairs at just the right angle so they looked at their most chairlike! And of course the photos are fantastic and quite unlike the reality.
I shall be away for the next 2 weeks - so no posts - the van is open as usual and Sally shall be in charge. There will be people here but they are NOT flower people and I would NOT advise anyone to order bouquets from them!


Heather said...

Dear Jane

You should look for a stat counter of some sort - because you will be amazed at how many people will be reading you - I remember thinking that I was talking to myself, and someone suggested we look at a couter - some are better than others but it helps. My blog is on wordpress and we can see the IP addresses of people visiting - I'm not that good at working out where people are from - its also interesting to see what searches people put on Yahoo or msn or google and then find you by accident or design.

Its also worth thinking carefully about the title of your post because that can attract people to you - I'm not so good at that myself, and once had a title that contained the S..E..X word - and you wouldn't believe the rubbish that ended up coming my way!! So you have to be a little considered.

I also jump in on all sorts of other blogs commenting as I feel the urge - you should do the same and you'll find that other blogs start linking to you and you can link to them if you like them (I only link if I really like it - some people have HUGE link lists and I think that looses it) and that means more traffic coming your way.

Your rose looks a pretty one by the way.


Jane said...

We do use a counter - and I have been amazed as you say - the weblog is really a way of keeping in touch with my local customers and they get the address off my fliers.
It is partly a discipline thing for me as well - a way of keeping a record of what bloomed when as it is very easy to misremember and very difficult to write it all down in a notebook.
A wider customer base will be needed if we go into mail order (the hot topic for this holiday!)and obviously once we have made proper decisions about the future there is a website to comission!