Monday, June 12, 2006

Potting up

I shall be going away in a couple of weeks and, although there will be someone looking after things here, I am frantically trying to get seedlings into pots, and potted plants into the ground so that they will all be easier to look after and less likely to keep over in the heat and wind.
I have also been potting up some plants into aluminium planters - this is a pot of viola "green goddess", there are also planters of sedums and trailing dichodra (which has long trails of slightly felty silver leaves that go well with the metallic pots); a very chocolate scented chocolate cosmos called "chocamocha" and some scented leaf "attar of roses" pelargoniums (geraniums). All these planters will look good until the first frosts and will survive without constant watering - the violas, sedums and cosmos can be planted out in the garden at the end of the season, the pelargonium can come inside as a pot plant.
I intend to put up some white dahlias in planters as well but these will only be for those prepared to water pots every couple of days if it is sunny.

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