Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Job satisfaction

One of the great things about this job is that people are generally pleased to see me - I am usually behind a beautiful bouquet and everybody seems to smile.
I vaguely remember that a couple of years ago an artist worked as a florist delivery man and put together an exhibition of photographs of people receiving the bouquets.
Another great thing is that, as I am a very small business, I tend to know my customers, and, as most of my work is repeat business, I get to know them through the birthdays, engagements, and special occasions of their lives. One chap first bought flowers from me for his girlfriend at Partick Farmers Market, since then he has sent flowers on the day they moved in together and now to celebrate their engagement. What a lucky woman.
The photograph is of Anchusa azurea "Dropmore" a short lived perennial/biennial which grows to about 3 feet tall with sprawly stems covered in these deep blue flowers. It is related to borage and has the same kind of prickly/hairy leaves. It would now be the time to sow it to flower next year.

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