Saturday, June 10, 2006

A happy surprise

Isn't it wonderful when something turns out to be much better than you thought it would be. In the autumn I bought a lot of plants from the now sadly closed Floreat Plants. I didn't know all the plants but Sue gave me such a good deal that I thought I would take a chance on them. Now many are beginning to flower.
This is an Oriental poppy called Manhattan - my preconceptions about the name made me think that it would be a bright red. Now all poppies are lovely, so any colours would be fine - but now it has flowered in this raspberry/purpley/moody colour which is gorgeous and goes with all the purple alliums and iris, and burgundy cirsiums and sanguisorbas that are also in the garden at the moment. Couldn't be better.
Definately one to propogate more from for next year!

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