Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flowers for 16th/17th June

I have just been walking round the garden deciding what I shall pick for tomorrow and marvelling at how the mood changes from week to week.
The flowers I have my eye on for tomorrow are all tall, ethereal and soft coloured. First up are foxgloves - a beautiful elegant flower that is little used as people think of it as growing everywhere and tend not to value it. I have some graceful apricot foxgloves - now apricot is not a colour I tend to use much but it suits the slight sway of the foxgloves perfectly.
The tallest of my grasses Stipa gigantea is also , ready to be cut - this creates an airiness to bouquets hanging above the rest of the flowers - it is also wonderful in a vase on its own with light shining through the individual flowers.
It is also the week for the largest of my alliums - largest in head that is, they are not the tallest - Allium christophii with large globes of metallic purple starshaped flowers. These dry in the vase and can be kept for ages. I often use them on dried Christmas wreaths.

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