Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sunny days

I have spent today pretty much as people seem to imagine I spend my life - in a sunhat, lazily weeding, tying in sweetpeas and picking buckets of flowers.
This is actually a difficult time for flowers - the fantastical tulips are all over and, apart from the alliums, there isn't really anything to take their place as large showstoppers in bouquets until the lilies in June. I rely on the early biennials - like iceland poppies and sweet rocket - along with alliums, columbines and some perennials.
I panic at the end of every May, convinced that there won't be enough to fulfil orders, but it is amazing - after an hour or so of picking (in sunhat, very lazily!) there are buckets and buckets of beautiful blooms. The bunches made up this week will be more like flower borders than flower shops, with smaller flowers, grasses, and scented leaves. They will be more subtle, more textural and more scented. I actually think that I may prefer them.
This thrush has decided that everywhere Euan and I go is a great source of food so follows us about and is incredibly tame. I miss having the chickens following me about for worms, but it has to be said that the thrush is a lot less destructive.

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