Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Now that the soil has finally warmed up enough(they say that you should be able to sit in comfort on the ground with a bare bum - but the fact that weed seeds are germinating in the beds is a less risky sign) I am putting in my annual seedlings.
I tend to start everything off in plugs rather than sowing straight into the ground - it gives me a couple of weeks head start and means that the plants stand a better chance against slugs.
I use coir jiffy 7 pellets which fit into mushroom trays lined with poly bags to conserve water. When the roots come out of the netting around the pellet, it is time to plant them.
These seedlngs are Ammi majus - a white flowered umbelifer with flowers a bit like cow parsley but with more movement. Next week I shall pinch out their tips to make the plants more bushy - with more flowers to cut - and then in a few weeks time I shall put a layer of netting at about a foot high over the whole bed to support the stems and stop the plants falling over.
Ammi majus looks beautiful with wild type flowers like poppies, cornflowers and love in a mist. It also looks wonerful on its own - 20 stems in a large vase.

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