Sunday, April 30, 2006

Summer snowflake

Here is a simple cream vase of Leucojum aestivum "Gravetye Giant" - it is a bulb that grows in wet meadows from south west Asia to northern Iran - it is supposed to grow even on the margins of rivers and its seed pods are filled with air so that they will float downstream.
It grows very well in Scotland as long as it is in a site that doesn't dry out - the variety I grow is Gravetye Giant - a much taller version that the species which is named after William Robinson's nineteenth century garden in Sussex.

I first saw it used as a cut flower in an article about Shane Connolly - a London based florist I really admire who works with a lot of garden type flowers. His book about the language of flowers even has bouquets of nettles - not that I think that would sell from the van very well. They work really well as cut flowers - probably best displayed on their own in a plain ceramic or glass vase.

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