Thursday, April 13, 2006

Looking back at last year

The rotten weather continues and I am turning into a complete whinger about it. I thought that I would post a photo from the end of last season to convince myself that flowers DO grow in Scotland.
This is the dahlia bed, photographed at the end on September/beginning of October in the foreground in Dahlia Naomi, in the background Dahlia Chat Noir with the odd White Star in the middle.
As you can see I grow the dahlias here without any fancy techniques - the tubers either overwinter in the ground or get started off in the tunnel. I plant them out with a bit of well rotted manure in May and then more or less leave them to it. They keep producing as long as they are deadheaded and I find that the ones I grow don't need elaborate staking unless they are in a windy spot.
I have begun to pot up this year's dahlia tubers in the tunnel and again I shall plant up a few extras for customers. I shall also have tubers for sale on 21st/22nd.

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