Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lavender - so relaxing

I am busy making up stock to sell at the Country Living Scottish Spring Fair at the SECC 23rd-26th March. Because the Fair is so early this season I shall not have many cut flowers available and, though there will be masses of potted bulbs, I am madly making up lavender pillows and garden kneelers to fill up the stall.
A number of people who bought lavender pillows at Christmas have called me to say how they have been sleeping much better since they put the pillow in their bed, or on their bedside table so it is good to know that they work as well as look pretty.
I am finding that after a couple of hours of stuffing the lavender into bags I get very, very drowsy, so I am now working outside in the sunshine with a couple of fleeces and a wooly hat on. I am becoming very calm but very cold!

The pillow pictured is 18 cm square. It is made from an early 1960s American cotton printed with roses, the backing is 1920s linen.

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