Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mushroom compost

These photos show the beds before weeding - and then after mulching - along with a view of the 7 tons heap of compost that I hope to move this week. The bit of green behind the heap is where this year's new raised beds will be going and the hardcore in the foreground will be the new gravelled and flagged drive by the beginning of April which is when we shall be opening up again. The cones mark the edge of a new greenhouse.
The bulk bought mushroom compost looks a bit wierd when you first put it on - there is still plenty of mycelium in it, so from a distance it looks like frost. We are getting quite a few good looking mushrooms popping up on the heap so I may be batch making mushroom soup at the weekend.
The telephone number for Silverbirch (Scotland) which delivers beautiful, bagged mushroom compost (they call it soil imporover or conditioner) is 0141 777 5050. I really recommend the product for mulching or digging into the soil and the price is very reasonable. You can also reach them at

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