Saturday, February 25, 2006


Now is the time to think about and order your new dahlia tubers. I have left last year's dahlias in the ground and they are fine and dandy at the moment with large firm tubers but I am also going to order some different varieties to try out.
Last year I was particularly impressed with the range of 'Karma' dahlias which have been specially bred for the cut flower industry. Usually 'bred as a cut flower' means that all quirky 'real flower' qualities have been bred out of the plant in favour of uniformity and stem length. With Karma dahlias however, the breeding to do with increased stem strength and vase life - an end to dahlias that last only a couple of days. I grew 2 varieties last year - Naomi and Fusciana - and both were great looking flowers that kept their heads up and lasted 8 days in a vase.
I have ordered enough tuders to be able to sell some at the Country Living Fair in March and here at the van on Fridays from April 7th.

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