Friday, February 17, 2006


Our new chickens are now well settled into their run. We decided to do the "amateur pretty chickens" thing and got one of each of 6 breeds - black and white marans; light sussex; black majorcan; welsummer and a hybrid brown. Our original surviving maran - Peblo- who escaped the fox due to her amazing ability to fly 20 feet high in the air, and who moved in with our neighbours after the slaughter, has decided to move back in with us. The sorting out of pecking orders is much more violent than I had anticipated, but I am assured that it is largely show.
The other animal life in the garden at the moment is a very beautiful female roe deer who is happily munching tulip tops each morning when I get up. She appears in one of the photos here above and is not particularly frightened of either humans or dogs, but deigns to walk off down towards the wood when you go outside. I am trying to net all the tulips as they emerge so she will doubtless move on to destroy something else. I am not very commercially minded - it seems such a privilege to see wild animals so close.

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