Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pinks are perkier

Forcing bulbs this year has been a learning experience - the tables that tell you the timing and the temperatures are all very consistant so I planted everything followig the advice with some planted a week either side. However, the different colours - and it does seem to be colours rather than varieties - are flowering at very different times. With the hyacinths the pinks are far ahead of the field - Anne Marie and Pink Pearl have been in flower since 28th December, the blues which are flwering now, wheras the whites are looking as though they may take another couple of weeks. White Amaryllis are also notably slower than the Appleblossom pink and Liberty Red.
I noticed a similar thing with sweet peas last year - the earliest to flower were the flake varieties - mottled pink and white or purple and white - after that it was the pink, then blue, then finally white.
I am busy planting up the final lots of hyacinths which should be ready to sell at the Country Living show in March - I am slightly allergic to the bulbs but can't plant them with gloves on so I am becoming more red and itchy as the day goes on.

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