Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bits and bobs

Spongebags - made from vintage and designer materials with waterproof linings. Pictured are Animal Alphabet - red line drawings of animals and letters - a material originally produced for the upmarket children's shop Nursery Window and, in close up, 50s Floral - an original mint condition 1950s material with bright sprigs. Bags are also available in other materials including 1950s barkcloth and a variety of linens. All are £7.50 each.
Also hanging on the tree is a lavender bird - £4.50 - available in chintz or black magnolia. These are ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree but can also have an afterlife as a scented hanger, they are filled with 100% lavender.
I have repackaged the craft kits in boxes which makes them easier to wrap and to transport - Felt flowers has now sold out, but Fairies (to make 2 peg fairies); Mouse (3 finger mice) and Lavender Bags (2 lavender bags) are still available. All cost £3.50 each or 3 for£10. These will also be available after Christmas as party presents.
Today I actually got back into the garden - a relief after so many Christmas Fairs - and planted up more tulips. Today it was Ivory Floradale - a wonderful large early cream with carmine streaks; Mariette - an elegant blue/pink lily tulip; Red Georgette, a multi headed variety; and Rococo, my favourite parrot tulip in red/green and beige. It was unsettling to be working in the garden without the constant cluck chucking of the chickens searching for worms in my wake.

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