Monday, November 28, 2005

wreath photos

From the top!
Medium wreath - 18" on mossed base - with apples, chillis, hops, birch & cranberries £18.00
Door hanging with apples, cones and ivy £16.00
Door hanging with pomegranates, cones and ivy £16.00. Small door ring - 12" with chillis, birch, limes and cranberries.
All these decorations can be done in a variety of colours with satsumas, baby aubergines etc.
The rings should last for a month outside and are available from 9th December. They need little maintenance but if they begin to dry out (e.g. if hops begin to become brittle and shed) they can be gently spritzed with water. After 12th night rings with apples and berries can be put out to feed the birds. or 01360 660 903

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