Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Prototype wreaths

The first Christmas Fair that I am attending is on Friday (at Katrina Gardiner's house, The Witches Hat, Croftamie 11.30am - 9 pm - all welcome bring a bottle for the evening) so today I have begun making prototype wreaths to show what will be available next month.
It has been much more difficult than I had anticipated - the mild autumn so far means that the birch still has its leaves on it and the holly berries are not fully red. It is tempting to use all the bright foliage that is still in the garden but it would give the wrong impression.
I now realise why the Christmas wreaths shown in magazines (which need to be made in September/October) either tend towards the rather dull fir leaves and plastic berries look or have fresh chinese lanterns and guelder rose berries both of which will have long gone by December.
The photographed wreath is made on a mossed ring with birch, holly, pinecones, chillis and apples. It is approximately 18" diameter and costs £18.00. A smaller 15" wreath is £15.00 and a larger 24" wreath is £25.00
Outdoor door wreaths will be available from 9th December - they last 4 - 6 weeks outside and then can be put out for the birds to eat.

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