Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Better photographs

The brighter weather today has allowed me to get some better photographs of the dried christmas wreaths - though please appreciate that they are still snaps taken with my digital camera. I can now appreciate how much time and work goes into the beautiful product photographs in glossy catalogues. I hung the door rings on the front door to get decent light but they are really indoor decorations - either for a porch or perhaps on a wall as a seasonal change to a picture.
The photographs show two different rings - Harvest is made up completely from dried flowers - hops, teasels, honesty and eryngium, Haversham combines dried flowers with vintage mother-of-pearl buttons and artificial gilded grapes to give a more festive feel. These rings will last from year to year. They can be posted.
The rings are available in two sizes -
Harvest small 14" (pictured) costs £18.00; and medium 16" costs £22.00
Haversham small 14" (pictured) costs £20.00; and medium 16" costs £24.00

To pre-order contact snap.dragon@ukonline.co.uk

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