Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pot Pourri

The weather over the past couple of days has put an end to bulb planting for this week - the ground it just far too soggy - so I have put the arum and erythronium bulbs into the salad drawer of the fridge and have ben doing things indoors.
The last ingredient, dried lemon verbena, was ready to go into this year's pot-pourri so I stripped off the leaves and mixed it in with the rest of the scented petals and leaves which have been collected over the year. I do not have enough roses going spare to make a traditional rose based pot pourri, so instead I make a virtue of the wide range of different plants I grow and gradually build up boxes of dried petals and leaves along with lemon peel, mixing them together in the autumn and letting them blend together until they are ready for sale at Christmas time. The result is quite lemony, the two most obvious fragrances are lemon verbena and lavender, but with a warm background scent from artemesias, calendula and roses.
It is a time consuming process but it appeals to the "waste-not" part of my character and I only make a very small amount. It will be on sale in ribbon wrapped cellophane bags for £4.50, as it is limited, e-mail me if you want to reserve some.

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