Friday, October 28, 2005


Just to prove that I don't just write about nice things - here is a photo of a box of mouldy hyacinths that I discovered yesterday. It was completely my own fault, the bulbs arrived on the day I was setting off on holiday and instead of checking through them all I just put the boxes into the garage. There must have been a mouldy bulb in the middle of the box and over the next two weeks it has spread and spread.
I spent a couple of hours yesterday peelng off the mildewy outer layers and rolling the bulbs in sulphur before packing them into crates with paper between each layer. I have lost about 1/3 of the bulbs where rot had set in - an expensive lesson. I had intended to plant the rest up as easter gift arrangements but that is no longer feasible so I shall have to hope that I can keep the remainder mould free until 12th December when I can start pot themup to use as decoration at the Country Living Fair from 23rd March 2006. Fortunately this was the only mouldy box, white hyacinths seem to be more prone to mildew than the darker colours.
The hyacinths destined for Christmas are much happier - they are in the cold and dark putting out roots. I shall bring them into the light in mid December. Potted hyacinths can be pre-ordered for Christmas and are available to take away from 2oth December.

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