Friday, October 07, 2005

Dried wreaths for Christmas - or all year round

This year I am making up a selection of dried wreaths which can be used indoors at Christmas (and stored from year to year) - or left up all year round. They are on traditional wire mossed rings and use dried hops, teasels, hydrangeas, amaranthus and seedheads. Everything except the hops comes from our garden so the numbers that I can make are limited. The back of the rings are covered in a hessian type linen so they can be hung on glass doors without looking horrible from the back.

Prices - The large ring is approximately 65 cm diameter (25") and costs £35.00 - (this is probably suited more to a wall, than a door unless you have a wonderful entrance porch with a front dor sized door under cover)
The medium ring is approximately 50 cm diameter (19") and costs £22.00
The small ring is approximately 38 cm diameter (14") and costs £18.00

All sizes are approximate as each wreath is made up individually and each is unique. I can (within reason) tailor the wreaths to fit in with colourschemes. I shall also be making up a few willow based wreaths which are lit up from indide with fairy lights - these are large and cost £42 - photos to follow.

The photographs show a large ring - if anyone want more photographs contact me on
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