Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Do you want some dahlia tubers?

I have decided to get rid of some of the dahlia varieties that I trialled this year. I could just chuck them out onto the compost heap but there might be someone who could use them. The varieties are Cafe au Lait - a large decorative type in a beigey cream, this was very popular with customers but it does not have a long enough vase life; Minley Linda - tiny tight pompoms in bright orange, this is lovely, and popular but too short to mix with my other dahlias and just didn't get used enough to justify the space it takes up; Kenora Macop - a wonderful deep red but just too big, the back petals begin to fade before the rest opens.
I have about 8 of each, and will dig them out into plastic bags to be collected. I won't be charging, but a donation to our Tullochan Trust tin would be welcome. They could be planted out into the garden and mulched heavily with straw, or leave them until the frosts kill the foliage, and keep tubers in a frost free place until spring.
e-mail or phone to reserve.

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